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These are the finalists for 2022.

From October 1st, 2022 you can vote for your favorites here.

The start-up with the most votes will receive the audience award on October 13, 2022.

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Connecting people to a renewable community - that is the vision of Enpal (Berlin).  


Founded in 2017, Enpal is now the first green “unicorn” in Germany and the No. 1 fastest-growing energy company in Europe (Financial Times/Statista 2022). Enpal offers the first integrated complete package for the climate-neutral home: solar system, storage and wall box, supplemented by THG environmental bonus, green electricity tariff, customer app and intelligent energy manager. The special feature: Enpal rents out the systems and takes care of smooth operation. This saves customers the high acquisition costs and they benefit from the all-round carefree package. All systems are also connected to an intelligent renewable network. By the end of the decade, Enpal wants to supply ten million households with green energy. The company currently employs over 2,000 people, including over 500 of its own craftsmen.


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FluIDect (Jena) enables state-of-the-art bioanalysis in food production. FluIDect's patented sensor uses micro beads as a messenger. These measure during the process in the sample and indicate the presence of specific target molecules through optical signals.
An important application is the detection of pathogens and germs in the product, another is the optimization of bioreactors in which food and other nutrients and active ingredients are produced.


In this way, we make food safer along the entire process chain and optimize its processing, which saves resources.



Hypt (Berlin) was founded as a holistic end-to-end solution for ADHD patients - starting with the right diagnosis through to the best therapy. Access to the community and the app help to cope better with life with ADHD.


The team is building a one-stop solution for ADHD, providing support throughout the patient's journey.



Momjobs (Duisburg) – the job portal for ambitious mothers

While companies are experiencing a high shortage of skilled workers, two out of three mothers return to a job after parental leave for which they are overqualified. As a result, many women fall into poverty due to low pensions or unexpected changes in their circumstances.

Momjobs - the job portal for ambitious mothers promotes the topic of diversity and equal opportunities, because talented people can find family-friendly job offers and part-time management positions here. Flexible working models lead to an increase in contractual working hours and salary increases, especially for mothers. In this way, companies can benefit from the potential of highly qualified women and counteract the shortage of skilled workers.



Our main product is the dispenser for giving out free menstrual products. In addition, we also offer tampons and pads for refilling.

We explain menstruation in order to break the taboo on the topic. 

Further information follows.


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The chocolate start-up the nu company (Leipzig) is turning the chocolate market upside down: Founded in 2016 by three industrial engineers, the purpose-driven company is a pioneer for irresistibly delicious and sustainable chocolate. All products are vegan, packed with organic ingredients and fair cocoa from organic farming and sustainably packaged in home compostable film or paper.


With this, the young company not only sets a new standard on the chocolate shelf, but also shows that positive management is no longer a utopia. On its mission, the start-up supports reforestation projects in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects and has already been able to plant almost 11 million trees. The goal: 1 billion trees by 2030. 


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The short-term storage of electricity is a decisive factor for the implementation of the energy transition. However, the possibility of shifting power consumption and generation in time requires new thinking when it comes to optimizing energy flows. For this purpose, suena has developed an AI-based software platform for use and trading optimization, which enables energy storage operators to maximize and stabilize their revenues on the short-term electricity and balancing power markets.



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From October 1, 2022, all finalists will present their public value in a video here. Then it's your turn: What do you think? Which start-up is socially particularly valuable? Vote for the public award 2022!